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We're often asked about our name, its origins and why we selected such an unusual moniker for our company. Its an easy answer with many meanings. "Aptus" is a Latin word for "appropriate" or "fitting". This is a concept APTUS embraces not only in the way we create our architecture, but also as a reflection of the human element and level of service we offer. Every client and every project is treated in an "appropriate" and "fitting" manner. We also treat each other in the same fashion, creating a work environment conducive to finding the most effective, innovative and suitable design solutions for every challenge.


APTUS was founded in 2003 by R. Brandon Sprague, AIA. The company quickly grew from a one-man venture into a thriving firm of exceptionally talented professionals who are all passionate about architecture and engineering. APTUS searches for people who are not only talented in their field, but more importantly, people who exhibit a mutual respect for co-workers, clients, and consultants - in and out of the office. We also value each person's diversity of interests as we believe it adds meaningful dimension to the team. Open exchange of information is encouraged and expected so that we can define and execute the best possible solutions for our clients.


Our mission is to provide clients with innovative, practical, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solutions. We achieve this by maintaining a high level of client care and employing analytical problem-solving strategies. We believe successful firms distinguish themselves through the quality of their service. Dedication to our clients, backed by the foundation of long-established professional standards of care, allows us to consistently provide superior service throughout a project's duration. Continuous interaction and collaboration with our clients is the key to our success and leads to a greater comprehension of the overall project context and the client's desired outcome.


Building a community is a lifelong journey. For APTUS, our greatest reward comes at the completion of the project, seeing the satisfaction of the client and users, and knowing that our design was the appropriate - or APTUS - solution.




Our pro stance on sustainability was in place long before it became fashionable. It inspires our creativity, makes us think differently and remains a primary objective in every design. We believe sustainability is integral to creating a healthy built environment, as it not only enhances social value but encourages economic value as well.

We also believe the best way to create is to combine both current knowledge and ancient wisdom. Common design decisions include building orientation, water and energy conservation, waste reduction (both construction waste and building use waste), the elimination of heat islands, the use of natural light, pulverizing and reusing asphalt, and the use of pervious site materials. Our team and our consultants are committed to this whole-building approach.

APTUS is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and employs two LEED Accredited Professionals. The requirements of LEED certification are used as a baseline for all our designs whether we are pursuing LEED certification or not. We fully understand the processes and requirements involved to register projects and prepare the documentation for LEED Certification through the USGBC.